On 29–31 May 2024, SEAMEO RECFON and Brawijaya University (UB) held the NGTS training program in nutrition and adolescent health on 29–31 May 2024 for the school teachers from SMPN 3 Malang, SMPIT As-Salam, and SMP Al Ya’lu in Malang City. The training activities were delivered by representatives from Brawijaya University, Education Office, Health Office, and SEAMEO RECFON.

“Thanks to all parties who have actively involved in our education quality development, particularly in the school health sector and in its facilities that support the implementation. If we are healthy, happy, joyful, and cheerful, our efforts will achieve a good accomplishment,” said Education and Culture Department Secretary, Try Oky Rudianto Pratijo, SE., M.Si.

The first session of the training program includes several activities such as nutrition and health for teachers, school/madrasa director as a role model for students. Furthermore, the participants also learned about adolescent health and nutrition, and balanced nutrition guidelines.

Afterwards, the second session started with exercises on designing balanced nutrition menus. The participants then practised nutrition assessment for adolescents to complete and finish the first day of the training.


On the following day, the training started with the Health Department’s presentation about hygienic and healthy lifestyle and materials about healthy school/madrasa canteen by UB. Continuing to the second session, participants were led by the Centre to do a self-assessment about their school/madrasa canteen current condition. To close the second session, UB presented materials about nutrition and entrepreneurships.

In concluding the second day, SEAMEO RECFON and Brawijaya University presented several materials related to the NGTS program. First, UB delivered materials about school/madrasa gardens. The Centre continued by delivering nutrition education, teaching plans, and micro teaching materials followed by NGTS program management and teaching plan design for micro teaching sessions. Afterwards, the participants were instructed to do asynchronous self-training in teaching plan design and exercising.

On the first session of the last day, participants were asked to do a presentation of the previously given assignment on micro teaching.

After the presentation session, the Malang City Education Office delivered materials about nutrition and health programs for schools and madrasas in the district. It was then followed by live coaching on Follow-Up Plan (RTL) Design and NGTS program management in the form of group assignment.

As a conclusion to the NGTS Training, the schools and madrasas groups were asked to present their follow-up plan design. The schools and madrasas groups presented each of their follow-up plan designs then continued with further discussion.